Our Vision and Mission

At MYEONG SO, you will obtain foreign languages skills and knowledge with in a different way. We aspire to an education culture of fun excitement, practicality, applicable learning pathway and cultivation of international language talents. Students will be exposed to the learning journey of cultural and practical knowledge through activities such as drama, speech, performance, cooking, festive celebration which allow students to be involved in an interactive environment. The festive celebration activities are also open to the public who show their interest in participation.

With foreign language skills, you will have the opportunities to study overseas for language programmes and work in multinational companies in Malaysia. Meanwhile, you will be able to explore a learning experiences that is enriching and enlightening.


Why do you learn Foreign Languages?

  • Increase market and global competitiveness
  • Travelling purpose (backpacker's favourites)
  • Business purpose
  • Working overseas
  • Hobby
  • Get to know native speaker friends
  • Increase career opportunities
  • Enhance current career prospect



  • Education culture with fun, excitement, practicality and applicable learning pathway.
  • Countries' cultural festive celebration
  • Arrangement for overseas study
  • Professional, qualified and experienced teachers
  • Learning materials and methodology from international top universities.


Other Services: 

Translation, Specific Group Programme  ( for company, school, etc. ), Summer Programme, Arrangement for overseas study



Consultation : Call 013-2821781 Monday-Friday 11am to 7pm (Public Holiday - Off)